What do you think about the upcoming PS5


I'm conflicted. I've dropped a lot of money on digital downloads but the Xbox seems better to me. Probably gonna cave and just get it. My toddler broke my disc drive like a year and a half ago.


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idk Probably the same shit going again with the games Sony just buy the rights for only ps release on some noice games -> Example the last of us , etc


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xbox has more raw power and exclusives are a thing of past so maybe xbox will win this time


i just bought myself a gaming computer, so most likely i'll be switching to PC instead of spending more money on gaming consoles.


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If you look at the specs side-by-side the Xbox has more power than the PS5, especially in CPU & GPU. It really comes down to your preference in the exclusive games & what your friends play in my opinion.


i could maybe switch over to Xbox instead of the ps5, but will depend on stuff like crossplay? I mean if you actually could be able to play more games with your pc buddys?


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I want a Ps5 for three things: Marvel's Spiderman 2 / God of War 5 / Uncharted 5
and as a bonus probably The Last of Us Part 3


Definitely not going to buy it based of what the ps5 announce going to wait for a detailed review.

Although the announced specs seem very good.