[WTS] Umbra Software CSGO League Cheats | GC | ESL | 5EWIN | CSPL

I have been using Razex software since 2018 when at the time all the work was done together with lordtristan through LeagueMode.

Some points I would like to express about cheat and coders/moderators.

1 - The software is built for quality and safety, for me this is very important, as I have always used my main account where in addition to sentimental value there are a lot of skins.

2 - It is intended for those who want to play "legit", so if you intend to play aggressively without caring too much about your account, in my opinion the software offered here is not for you.

3 - The resources available are really intended for those who want to have an advantage without being blatant, I usually play with cheat and without cheat and I myself cannot perceive anything different in mine, unless I really feel more secure and have better accuracy and consistency, I'm really another player when I'm using Wraith.

4 - Security, I mean I play on my main account for over 2 years and I was never banned in any league, even when at the time of LM, where they reported detection to LeagueMode on the gamersclub, maybe I was lucky, I really I always paid attention to all the tips and information posted by the developers (very important for those who play using cheats).

5- The support for users here has been excellent, the administrators are always attentive, it makes a big difference.

6 - Before buying LM products and now Umbra Software I did extensive research in forums specialized in cheats and the developers are really respected because they are people who contribute to the community either directly or indirectly.

7 - Here is a review for Umbra Software, I understand that you add several security issues to prevent leakage of the software, but I think it should be more careful and sell only through the application form, I think that this way I could avoid future problems and filter users may make sense.

8 - Tip, I will not post my settings here because it already has excellent settings available here, but if you already have the skill with the game I believe that there is no need to play with a FOV above 1.5 and smoth below 100.

9 - So if you want to play cheats without disturbing other players and without weight in the conscience of using cheat, this is definitely the best P2C because it just doesn't look like you are cheating, you are simply seen as a good player.

I am happy that you have returned with this excellent work.


Bump. We have some huge new updates!