The Rules (Again)

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Hey D3, I've seen a lot of posts lately that are clearly breaking at least 2-4 rules in one go. I'm personally getting tired of it and was really hoping we wouldn't have this issue on a fresh website. These early posts are the first thing new users and potential users see.

That being said, I am posting these rules again, in a simpler format, so that we may all follow them and create a better community. These are not open to interpretation (see rule #1 and #2).

Warning system is as follows:

Inappropriate content - 5 points that expire after 3 months
Inappropriate language - 1 point that expires after 1 month
Inappropriate behavior - 1 point that expires after 1 month
Spam/Advertising - 5 points that expire after 1 month

When a user reaches 10 points or is above the 10 point threshold, the user will be banned until those points expire, unless permanently banned by staff.

General Posting Rules:

  • Anything an Admin or Global Mod says, goes.

  • In case of a dispute, see rule #1.

  • Registering for the purpose of Spamming, Scamming, Harassing, Advertising, evading a previous ban, or starting trouble in any way will result in a permanent ban. This includes but is not limited to offensive usernames, multiple accounts, etc.

  • Please try to write decent and understandable English. If you need assistance, use Google Translate.

  • Do not spam/go off-topic. To spam or go off-topic is to hijack/steal a thread with something irrelevant and unrelated to the subject. So if the thread is about Counter-Strike cheats, and suddenly someone says something about cookies, then it is spam and is off-topic. This will result in a warning and/or your post deleted.

  • Do not flame or insult other users. You are not allowed to flame/insult by posting in the forum, sending Private Messages (PM) or posting in the shoutbox. If you have experienced this, please file a report with a screenshot/evidence.

  • Do not create multiple threads advertising the same service, or multiple services for different games.

  • No Advertising (unless approved by an Administrator).

  • Do not post more than one time in a row. If you have posted something, and would like to add something you have forgotten, then use the edit button to add what you forgot.

  • Do not bump your thread more than once per 24 hours unless someone else has made a comment.

  • Do not use huge or offensive avatars or signature pictures.

  • If you want to upload a file, use a free file hosting service such as AnonFiles, Google Drive, or Dropbox. If the file contains any type of malware, you will be banned.

  • Give detailed explanations of your problems. Stating that "I start the bot and it doesn't work! Please help!" will not lead anywhere, if you do not state the full approach of your problem (what you do, how you do it). Give more details on what you have tried, what error you get and what the program does not do.

  • Do not ask people to send files to your email by using the forum, use the Private Messaging System integrated into the forum.

  • Do not beg another member to give you reputation. Reputation must be earned and given freely. Do not abuse the reputation system.

  • Do not steal content from other websites and users without honoring and asking the original author for permission. A good start always is a link back to website where you found the content. Do not claim other people's work as your own.

  • Using the "Report" button for anything other than notifying us of a post violating the rules will result in an infraction being added to your account.

  • Do not post pirated software.
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