[WTB] Starcraft 2 Hack


Since Omega is gone and Oce**** isnt responding i am searching for a new Starcraft 2 hack.
A lot of guys looking for internal once with a lot of features but i am fine with everything actually. I know there isnt a lot of hacking going on in sc2 but i wanted to give it a try again to ask for it.

If someone knows something or has an offer, i am open for a konversation. Price depends on the features etc.



Hi hatiro.

Be very careful. I've sold for omega. I know ocean he is not a scammer just extremely busy atm.

There are only a few for sell (chinese,korean) I am in a lot of circles and as far as I know there are only ocean and bishop who sell for american users)


Bishop isnt there anymore so seems like ocean is the only one :( we need someone else to start as it seems xD but thx for the info
Oceanic is not scammer. He's hack work great.
Bishop is gone. And i don't know, is Omega hack supported now. I think, not. =(

But i'm interested, is there other SC2 hacks?