Starcraft 2 External MH


Hello everyone, you may or may not recognize me but I have made a return to the scene after a long hiatus. It's sad to see the forums riddled with scammers, thieves, etc. and I am thrilled to finally be serving people properly again.

I offer FREE trials of my program for any that are interested. I do NOT offer videos or pictures, please do not ask. I do have a discord server of users, but you will have to gain my trust first before I consider inviting you. The maphack is completely external, meaning that it only reads memory and does not inject itself into the SC2 process and start arbitrarily executing code. This in turn makes external hacks safer (at least for SC2.) I've never had a ban reported from use of my program, and I've used it for years on ladder with no consequence.

If you are interested, leave your discord ID in the comments or PM your discord ID to me, and I'll contact you ASAP.


Admins please delete this post if you going to ban him so he can't still gather potential scam victims.
You obviously haven't been around the sc2 hack scene for that long... I am a very well known developer and the D3Scene admins have banned me for absolutely no reason and have not given me a reason. There are actual scammers on this subforum (just look at the guy 5 or 6 posts below who is selling a "free" hack (which is just a broken version of vuno's hack that he's redistributing and scamming people with)), and people that are honest and have been with the community for actual YEARS are randomly banned. I literally give out trials to everyone that messages me, a tangible, usable version of the program that LITERALLY DISPLAYS the trial user's discord name on the UI, just to re-affirm the user that they arne't getting scammed. I've done this shit for a very long time and I have had several dozen people vouch for me throughout the years, there is absolutely no reason for me to be banned. No wonder this website is in the place it's at right now.
I know that I'm not an established member here or anything, but I can actually vouch for Oceanic. He absolutely does free trials, and even extended my trial so that I can test a few things before purchasing.

I've been using his hack for 2 months now. Runs like a charm.

He is usually pretty busy though, so expect delayed responses from him. But there's really not much to reach out to him for once you have the application, since it works so well.

But uh, this is definitely not a scam.


Oh when I said that, under his name it said banned, that is why I said that, he has since been unbanned, I just wanted people to be careful. And I edited away my message.


half a year ago i texted this guy for a trial, never responded.
Be careful, in the old forums he posted totaly nonsense.


I used the Hack from Oceanic once - and it worked fine, but it takes long to get there - and most of the time he is busy... but his hack worked in the past!


I'm not sure what is meant by I posted "nonsense" but alright, hit me up if you still want a trial sterillium lol
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