[WTS] Starcraft 2 boosting up to top 16 gm on NA(cheap)


About me

Hello everyone, I am a top 60 gm player on EU server(protoss), usually around 6.1-6.2 mmr nowadays. I have been ranked in top 50 in multiple seasons and the highest mmr I have reached so far is 6350. That means that I am capable of beating pro gamers as well. Here are some screenshots as proof(last picture is one of my EU accounts):

I would like to help as many people as possible to get into higher leagues, thus I have done my best to make the prices as affordable as possible. Keep in mind that playing a lot of games can be very exhausting even in lower leagues. The servers I can only play are EU and NA. I can also offer 15% discount to returning or frequent customers.


!!!The pricing is per promotion. That means if you want to buy bronze to platinum you have to pay 4$+4$+4$ = 12$ total!!!


1v1 League
Silver - 4$
Gold - 4$
Platinum - $4
Diamond 4$
Master 3 - 8$
Master 2 - 8$
Master 1 - 8$
Grandmaster NA - 40$
Grandmaster EU - 75$
GM to Top 16 GM NA - 50$

1v1 Per game
Silver - 0.5$
Gold- 0.5$
Platinum- 0.5$
Diamond - 0.5$
Master - 1$
Grandmaster - 2.5$

Unranked to Grandmaster NA - 70$
Unranked to Grandmaster EU - 105$
Any league to top 16 GM NA - 125$
Archon Grandmaster - 35$
Maintaining account in GM - 20$ per week
If you are willing to get an expensive purchase the prices are negotiable depending on your current mmr and the league you want to get to. Anything that is not added in the pricing is also negotiable. I don't do achievements or co-op. Payments are usually made in advance unless you are a reliable user(have enough vouches). I can also offer refunds, but I will substract the money for the already played games. If a person has already paid but no games have been played on your account I will refund the full amount.


If you are willing to purchase any of the services I provide, please send me a private message on D3scene briefly explaining in what you are interested in and I will provide you with contact information - discord, skype or email where we can finalize the details.

I am welcome to answer any questions in this thread.
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