Starcraft 2 1v1 and team lossbot


Hey ! Im really happy that d3scene is online again thats why i wanted to share a new version of Octoplus lossbot.

If you want 1v1 wins just start the bot and set the timer to 10-15 (if you can make a second account just make the first bot 5 - 5 seconds and the second bot to 7 -7 seconds so one account always wins)
If you want to bot in team games the timer has to be 300+ so you still get the win when your teammates win 3v4
If you need any help or find bugs message me on discord (michael#8027) or write it down here :D
Enjoy it !



how to use this bot, and why it is signed as LoosBot
it has a readme.txt in it.
Just open the folder, start the X and Y Finder.ahk and the LossBot.ahk
Open your game and search for a game. Instant quit. In sc2 the after game screen pops up. Hover over the "play again" button. Then just type in the X and Y numbers into the lossbot.
its called lossbot because it just quits games after a random time.