[WTS] Selling 6-digit / PRIME CS:GO 5.6k hours / CSS 4.7k hours / 521 wins

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Hello there,

I have decided to sell my account that has been my main account, reason pretty much is lack of time and interest to the game.

Details & screenshots of the account:

- Steam level 54
- Account created 15th September 2003
- 6 digit
- Includes OE and has email login
- Access to OE
- Prime CSGO
- Overwatch access
- Nearly 5.6k hours in csgo, 4.7k hours in CS:S and 2.2k hours in CS 1.6 (boosted)
- 521 matches won
- Faceit level 1, 4 matches played, I have never really been playing faceit. Faceit account login details included.

Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/shinezify/

In-game screenshot

Steam profile

Contact via PM or discord: shinezify#5272

Accepting only Paypal as payment method (F&F). I won't go first, and buyer pays all the fees. We can use middleman if needed.
Price: 50€ (negotiable)

Best Regards, grey
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