Scammed by user Altros /altros.842/


User had a thread posted for a development service for sale i had purchased a build from the user.
I requested a Skinchanger, bhop and FOV changer and that's all.

The user decided he would do this externally which was his choice not mine, but as expected it didn't work very well.
Models broke, skin paint's didn't apply and force update would break skins completely.

User Altros spent some time improving the cheat and it was in what i would call a BETA stage lol, cause it worked for 1 game then needed restarting to work again in another game.

I asked the user to move it to an internal base and re-code he said he would for an extra 30 euro, at this point i see no reason as to why not, he should've written it internally in the first place thats on him, but i agreed non the less.

It's now been a week of him blowing me off and saying the update is coming, also an admin deleted his thread even though i had posted on his thread i was updating my experience.

But from his recent messages he seems to be trying to give me some P2C

Proof of payment:

Chat Logs:

In the chat logs you can see he has been blowing me off for a week, i've said i was going to make a thread on d3 but he doesn't seem to care anymore unfortunately


User promised the built, but has since just gone offline, I've even waited until the next morning.
User is just Online on discord, with no reply.

Attempted to call him, he went offline after that