SC2 bot section + Rule 8.


Hey maybe add an "Bots" section for sc2 ? Because its not arcade and idk if its fine to list it under hacks/exploits.
Also i think rule 8 is a bit meh.
When someone charges a program etc. thats getting updates 3 months is a bit low. Or are we supposed to bump the threat after 2 months so it doesnt get deleted ?


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Speaking from experience, people that want to sell a program tend to bump their thread more often than 3 months, regardless of its updating interval. This rule has been in place for years and we haven't had problems with it, so I see no required action there.

As for the bots section, I see them fit under hacks, however wait for an admin reply on that.


mh yeah im not talking about selling. I remember the old d3 had a topic about a lossbot and it was inactive for about a year or so. I just think that this rule shouldnt count for programs/bots etc. For normal posts for exampel questions etc. its okay but when someone shares something the time should be higher than 3 months but yeah thats just my opinion.

And yeah should be okay then. I just remembered that the old d3 had a specific bot section but i think its more compact now how it is.


The three month rule is mostly and specifically for threads that have not been replied to AT ALL for three months.

Hack/bot/tool threads will normally have a "Herp derp wen R we can get update" post like every month or so.

Therefore, a thread made over three months ago, with posts and activity constant, should be good.

That rule is more set for things that are left to sit untouched for three months. We don't care much for grave digging TBH.

And We want to keep this less cluttered. Bots/tools and the like are very much considered a hack in general terms. Any tool/script or program made to alter a game/program is normally considered a hack. Even by major game industries.

We want to keep the forum clean, compact and sexy. We want to stop it from getting out of hand.