Request your old rank!


Donator i think. I don’t remember last I remember of d3scene is the password database getting hacked and I forgot to change it and someone scammed someone on my account :(


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Hello! Can I please have my old rank. My old name is overboostaltima . I was a donor, elder user, and mov eax. Thank you !


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Elder and donor (I think donor?) I purchased and supported Beaving's SC2 maphack back in the day, along with ValiantChaos's. Been around since 2012. Nickname was the same as this. It may have also been VIP, or something along those lines. It's been such a long time since I've been back to D3scene (quit SC2 after Blizzard starting going after the creators). I honestly don't remember. If you have the database you can just look me up! Thanks in advance guys! Glad we're back!


Hey there, I can't really remember what I had but name was jamppahz, so could you check it for me?


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Hey, Ginzo here, honestly can't recall what my rank was, Elder - dono maybe even more?. Nice to see d3 back again :)

hello. Will be great to get old ranks back :)
elder and donator vip subscriber :D
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I know I was premium for sure, I did donate a couple times, other than that I unfortunately don't remember