Request your old rank!


Elder User
Added. I remember you. 😁
Oh i'm glad you do! 😄

Just a quick question, is this 'reaction score' the same as the old rep score? Will that be restored also?

Looking forward to the wc3 scene, since reforged is out I hope it is going to be as active as it used to be. 🤟


Was elder,donor and Voucher
Vouchers not a thing anymore. It didn't really work out that well. It's going to be an "At your own risk" thing for now. Subject to change I guess.

Added elder and donor because I remember you


We will have to look you up. Give us a few. I don't remember you unless you changed your name or something.


Really nice to see the forum is back up and running! It's looking good so far, keep it up! Also gimme that rank back :3


Elder User
Elder, Premium (I think that's the name, I've donated to unlock the SC2 private back in the day) and I was a mod on SC2 section also.

Good to see the forum back again!


Perfect Aim
Bounty Hunter
I can't edit my post in this subforum but: ex-moderator, elder user, and I think I had 1 more but can't remember what it was


Global Moderator
I was a Moderator for about two years before the forums went down.
To be more specific, I believe I was a Global Moderator. I had the ability to moderate any forum section.

I also have no edit button, and I have forwarded that to Zbon141 per his recommendation.


Can't remember if I had any special permissions or elder rank, but I was registered for many years for high rep and had one of the biggest sc2 boosting threads.


Elder User
Should create Oldest User group lol, to the people who're here since ~2008

tho; Elder User