[RELEASE] WeScript.APP Fall Guys Cheeto Gravity and SpeeedHack


I am presenting you a simple cheat for the game, completely free and constantly updated:

1) Download the Loader from here: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Dependencies/raw/master/Loader/WeScript-update.exe
2) Install the Loader, once it starts navigate to the Assemblies tab.
3) Click on the right, Install new Assembly.
4) Paste this GitHub link and click next: https://github.com/WeScript/WeScript.Assemblies
5) Select the "FallGuysCheeto" and click Add
6) Go back to the Assemblies list and check the "FallGuysCheeto" and click [F5] or restart the Loader itself.
7) Minimize the Loader (leave it open) and join the game, use [INSERT] to access the menu features.

Here is a video tutorial how to install it:

Here is a video from the Cheat:

Here is a screenshot from the menu:


Haha did never expect someone to cheat in that game xD

But thanks for sharing it tho, alot of people will probably find this very nice.