Project Genocide scam

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This is to report a scammer

I saw the thread on here and decided to look into the cheat.

i saw through the videos he posted (which are now unavailable) except this one:
(title and description changed)

i noticed the group and i had heard of this cheat way back so i found the group via steam and added all the administrators along with a member from the group. One of the members accepted me and told me that he was not aware of the project still being active and told me to approach the coder/creator for verification, i linked him one of the admins "BRAINB0Y" the member quickly responded and informed me that that was indeed the creator/coder.

he had not accepted me for a few hours so i went and added dexter the thread creator and began talking to him about the cheat, He claimed to be juin and told me about the cheat. i had then recently read through the comments of the post and contacted @514blizzy as he had mentioned he had been waiting for his copy for over 2 months.

we discussed for a few hours and he told me had not received his copy for quite some time. He told me had paid quite the amount for a cheat which was not project genocide and that was probably the reason he had not received his yet.

After being convinced to buy the cheat (like the idiot i am) i proceeded to pay "juin" and as soon as i had done so through western union he stopped to reply and didn't reply for over an hour. that´s when the creator of feel-good accepted me and we began talking (see screenshots) Link

He quickly informed me that this was not the real juin and that the cheat had been inactive and closed for quite some time, I told Brainboy that he was using their videos and linked him the d3 post he told me he would ask his Juin to take them down.

Shortly after the videos were taken down except one and the title was changed and the description as well as shown above.

The thread creator has since not been able to prove himself as the real Juin.

The thread creator informed me he lived in the Netherlands as where Brainboy told me all of them lived in sweden and were close mates and that they did not use discord to distribute their software only by email.

I was able to cancel my payment luckily but it seems that this "dexter" is posing to be someone he isn´t.

Out of respect for Brainboy who helped assist with catching the scammer please do not contact him trying to get a copy of the real as it no longer exists.

Thank you.
Not open for further replies.