Hello! I am an official reseller for Ekknod. (ekknod.xyz)

The PREMIUM cheat offers support for all of these anti-cheats:

EAC/EasyAntiCheat (Any third party using EAC supported, e.g PVPRO)

- Features:

| Aimbot - {aimbot_smooth, aimbot_fov, aimbot_key, aimbot_multibone, aimbot_horizontalonly, aimbot_aimtime, aimbot_randomization, aimbot_vischeck}
| Triggerbot - {triggerbot_key}
| ESP - {wallhack}

- Configuration:

The way of configuring your build is simple. You go to the configuration webpage, customise the values and settings to your liking, then all you have to do is copy+paste the outputted commands into your CS:GO console! Yes, this cheat has its features adjusted by simple console commands.

Are you looking for some software which you can freely use without any risk of a ban? Look no further.

We offer the most secure and highest quality cheat on the market for the anti-cheats listed.

If you're a cheater with a high levelled main, or a very prestigious account, we are your best choice as we offer a firm 0% detection rate. Please be advised; if you do decide to blatantly cheat at any platform, you always put yourself at the risk of a manual (staff applied) ban.

The developer has years of experience and has been providing CS:GO cheats for numerous years now too. There has been no single detection as of yet.

Pricing: €50/month
Payment Methods: BTC/LTC
Contact me: napa12#5711 <-- ADD ME HERE (temp locked, unlocked soon Orchidgrey#6480) DISCORD
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