Mineral Z EvolutionN Bank File

HI i can help you get all levels and ultimate archon

ultimate Archon Level 200 all nights $10


respond time =- 2 hours

PS : I need your 1-S1-1-??????? number for it to work please locate it at Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\????????

DM with proof of payment

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its just people here have made legit hacks and post it free and you want people to buy your bank file i get times are tough but if people making hack files which require very complicated things you must learn to even be able to do and give it free what makes you think someone will buy your bank file which u didnt need to learn anything special to obtain except maybe time spent playing but i dont think thats comparable simply put bro i respect your hustle but this is a f2p game man lets not be ridiculous

btw im not even asking for u to share the bank file i just dont think its a good look for you to be asking for money for your bank file