Merry Christmas!

It's that time of the year again! We hope that your year has been relatively safe so far, with all that crazy going on. No matter what part of the world you hail from, your views and beliefs, your opinions and what kind of toppings you like on your pizza, We still love you. This world is an ever changing place.


The one thing that doesn't really change is the sense of happiness and joy the holidays bring. I remember back when I joined D3scene. I haven't even been around as long as some other members, but there is one thing that always sticks with me. The feeling of home this place gives. I will forever have a soft spot in here for all of you. I have a memory of almost every section here and associate it to a member. Whether it's general chat with JustPoisen until he left us. Or when Tarzan would be a super troll until that got crazy. The WoW section back when Zacro would create private servers and try to get all the D3scene members to play on. Warcraft 3 and the marketplace back when Elitechild was starting to get derpy.
The damn CSGO section and all the issues and members that section gave us. Navydestroyer, Phoon, OCEANSPRAY, Tristan, Sterillium, Owl1337, SteveN, and so many more. Without that section, I feel we wouldn't have some of the quality members we got (As odd as that sounds).

Our staff through the years. Our lord and savior Tracky, the esteemed probably furry Darkjesture, The unrelenting and fearless Jolinar, the probably drunk glupus, Darkchrow, Razathuru, Stroh, MaRcDk, Cipa, Ryan, Hallowsend, Bumblebee, and everyone else. I may have forgotten names or to list them, but that doesn't mean they are forgotten. I'm just getting old. Let's be honest, I'm not 16 anymore. I'm pushing 30!

Without all of you. The good and the bad. I wouldn't have such fond memories. People have come and stayed for a while, and some people have left us and went into real life to further themselves. Either way, it's been a wonderful journey. All of us have been here for a while. We've seen many winters together. Even though we weren't in the same state, or even continent. We've all been a piece of this amazing website. So with all this irrelevant information, and just to save me from getting even more sappy...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you don't celebrate that, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! D3scene Loves you.

This year, I'll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card.

All you have to do is post in this thread with either

A) a picture of your bitchin' christmas tree.
B) A christmas drawing (By hand).
C) A lovely christmas song or poem ( I love these)
D) A nice memory you are fond of that involves a member of D3scene.

Any of those will do! So post away! There is no member rank wall here, anyone can submit! Have a great holiday!​
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