[WTS] [LegitHook] [CSGO] [5$/M] [Backtrack, ESP, Chams, Triggerbot, Skinchanger]

This is a project of mine that is designed for people who want only legit features and keep aiming by theirselves.
The cheat has been used by less than 10 people for the past 2 years


-ESP (player, bomb, chicken)
-Nade prediction
-Recoil crosshair


Only supporting VAC/MM

I will be closing sales again after I have reached comfortable userbase (still being discussed with my existing customers)

Terms of Service:
-Sharing, trying to in anyway exploit (debug/whatever) loader will result in instant ban
-I have every right to deny your access to the product (dont be an asshole against other users)
-One user can use the cheat only on one pc

Time Undetected: Since release (2018)
Compatible Games: CSGO
Refund Policy: Viable for full refund for 24h after purchase
Contact: Danketydank here at d3scene. Discord - mikeee#7733

Vouches from Hackforums:

Highly Vouch for this cheat.

its easy and simpel to use, with much futures! he keeps It updated, it totally worth it.
if you need help, you will get good support and he will help you through your problems!
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