[WTS] League of Legends Script 15 SLOTS Vouched


Contact Information (as many forms offered): D3Scene DMs
Join Date on D3Scene: 12 September 2020
Name of Hack(s)/Service(s): P101
Time Undetected: 11+ Months
Compatible Games : League of Legends (Riot)
Terms of Service : No Contact to other scripting communitys
Refund Policy : Refund on incompability due to Windows or way to old CPU
Link to Video/Media (not required but preferred): https://im2.ezgif.com/tmp/ezgif-2-0028b0852233.gif
Vouches (not required but preferred): @BlackWolfSante

Hello D3Scene members,

I will offer you today the option to APPLY for my platform.

We are will offer you a Internal Script with a well perfomance, clean visuals and constant updates.
We stick close with the community together and enjoy the nice time.

Normally I personally wouldve never opend a thread, but this month 5 of my Users leave due to events in their life (thanks to COVID-19)
And since rent doesn't pay of friendship I have to reach out to a bigger spectrum of applications.

So lets get to the point. As you can imagine there won't be any(full) footage of it, We all know about our big friend Riot Games that is ready to jerk off on that.
Almost all features are contained Zoomhack, Skinchanger, Orbwalker and so on. Evade fully supported with logics and adjustable settings

Supported Champions: All ADC's, and the main script champs, in total a bit above 80 champs currently.

Your requirements to know before you DM me for the application process:
-100€ Invite fee, first 3 months 190€ from there on 165€
-ID Verification
-No Garena/CN/KR/JP Server support
-Patient people

In case you missed it by time and the slots are gone already feel free to still apply, i will add you to my Waiting list and you gonna get the next open slot.

Write me a DM here on D3Scene with your Discord or Telegram tag and i will reach out to you within 48 hours​
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Bump, this month 4 slots open. People going for the family this month it seems :p

Write me a dm.


We added a new developer to our team after 2 years of deciding to add hinm, so we can fullfill some user wish's.
Which increased our userbase by 2 extra slots, these 2 slots are already filled but in Juni 2 user's will go on a long vacation and this opens up the oppertunity to join for 2 people.

Contact via DM