League of legends - partner up!


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Hello, glad to have d3scene around again!
Just wanted to check in and say if anyone is looking for some easy wins on league of legos, send me a message!
EUW and preferably unranked or lower elos for now. Can play up to masters.


My favorite online game. It's quite toxic just like other online games, but I always try to be funny and polite. I get so satisfied when my teammates are adequate. They support their teammates or joke around. I really appreciate players like this. At the same time, there are lots of toxic people in our LoL community. It's so annoying when your teammate insults you or another for each mistake or because of the way you play. Recently I was so pissed off that I decided to change the region. Luckily, I stumbled on league of legends account for sale and bought one. Now I can change regions and play with different communities :)
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