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Launch loader as administrator, wait 2 seconds and play.

It's external and has very good performance, not yielding to Internal. There is no FPS drops or weird stutters. Visuals are clean, and most likely everyone will like them. The font is clean and easily readable. The options are extensive, with ability to set individual colours and group distances (dropped items ESP and etc.).

This cheat has aimbot only for legit / semi-rage play style. It has enough options for setting up a legit aimbot and also for a more blatant. It is kinda new cheat on the market with a very small user base and more features for more flexible customization will be added in the near future.

It's got pretty much everything you'd want and expect with a high end Rust product. Spiderman, Admin Flag, Walk on Water, Ambient Light and etc. for comfortable survival in Rust.

So what's missing? The biggest one for me is multi-points(spots) for aimbot to less trigger Cerberus and look more legitimate for the player.
Other nice to haves would be a home and last death ESP marker, individual distance sliders, more binds.

I can confidently say this is one of the best Rust Cheats I've used and highly recommend it. It's full featured and the performance is top notch. Dev is very friendly and responsive, quickly updated his Rust product after each game patch and added new features at the request of users. Time will tell on detection but so far so good (5+ months), no Cerberus bans or anything like that, if you are playing really "legitimately". Recommend to everyone for sure.

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