Iccup maphack undetected

link https://t.me/s/Dota1iccupmaphack
About the hack. Works on Windows 7 and under (you can also on 8, 10, but through a virtual machine). The hack is the simplest, all standard functions work: minimap, general map, invisors, and so on, which you cannot implement. The hack is quite demanding on the processor, depending on the assets, it can either not load the processor at all or more.

The hack is implemented in a regular cheat. Those who know probably understood from the description what kind of hack. Not detected and not detected throughout the existence of aikap, does not crash when used correctly.

At the end of the collection I will post the assets, instructions for use in the pub. I will upload it to the cloud and to sites available to me in the top of the search results on this topic.

Collection link https://destream.net/live/Tempation/donate
If possible, I will report on progress, the amount is symbolic 5001 rubles, the collection until December - I will not collect it, I will just send it to those who donate