Hypixel Skyblock coins 1kk = 0.8$



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Hi! I sell hypixel skyblock coins (minecraft). ;)

If you leave a positive review after the purchase I give you an additional 100k. (y)
Completely safe, you will not get any bans :)
Price: 1kk coins = 0.5$ (
including the Commission):whistle:
Payment - paypal, webmoney, btc or what you whant. :p
I agree to the guarantor 😊

How to buy:
Join in https://discord.gg/G2UqU5EUp7 (or click to image)
2.Type me in Discord: RUSSIAN PARTIOT!!!#5861(carefully check the discord tag, you may get caught by another person who can scam you)
Do you still sell them? I need some. This is not a bad way to make money. How do I know that you won’t scam me? Also, about the coins. Can I use them on one of the servers from minecraft server list? I mean, these coins seem to be from another game. How are they related to Minecraft? Is it possible to use them on any server? Are there any restrictions? Secondly, can I get banned for buying them? Isn’t it against the game rules? Thank you for your attention. Hope we will find a compromise, and the deal will go through. Sorry if the questions are a little stupid. I just want to figure out how everything works.
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