With all the recent bans that have been coming for wow combat rotations and LUA Unlockers, GGL has remained un-phased with Blizzards attempts to shut down combat rotation bots. I have been using GGL since 2018 (BFA) and have continued to use through Classic WoW, TBC Classic and Shadowlands. By far GGL Rotations have continued to develop rotations for all classes for PvE and PvP. What you get when purchasing GGL is not only the combat bot, but a thriving community with eager players/developers willing to learn and help others with creating there own rotations to help them with THEIR gameplay needs. Nowhere else are you going to find that kind of community and it is why I continue to keep using GGL for World of Warcraft and looking forward to other expansions with GGL. If you love to parse 99's in raids, GGL is for you. If you want Gladiator in retail Arena,(with a few tweaks of course ;) GGL is for you. GGL will help you shine on top of the DPS/Healing charts and impress all your guildies and teammates. So what are you waiting for? Purchase a Trial today and give GGL a try!
I'm using GGL since bfa and I have to say it is the best rotation bot available and by far the most secure. Really great devs and a very kind community with very good community development and really high performing rotation. I use multiple rotations for lot of classes and they all performed just perfect with high parses and really good logs.

10/10 would recommend


Playing with GGL is so much fun

Best CR, Best Devs and Best Support,
if you ever have any Problems, you just need to Post it in Discord and you will get help asap 100%


I have been using WoW bots/rotations since BC and have gone through many different clients, Honorbuddy, WRbot etc and every single account got banned.
However I switched to GGLoader back in early 2018 and have used it for every expansion, including WoW classic and it has been flawless. I have played every class in end-game raiding and have top 1-2% parses including realm first raid clears and some amazing arena ranks.
The client has so many features and customizations it is insane, I am so happy that the team are still developing for it after all these years and still to this day make an amazing combat rotation bot.
Trust me you will not be disappointed by this client.


Take the leap!!
I've played WoW since the very start but as times gone on and the game has improved and evolve I've at time got left behind and gotten older lol. In 2017 I suffered an injury at work to my hand making playing games with my friends especially hard. I turned to tryjng a few different rotation bots mostly so I could still play with friends and enjoy the game which still being competitive and not feeling like I was holding everyone back. Sadly that ended in a ban in 2018.

In 2020 I returned however given the same issues I started to use GGloader with security being most important to me and have had no issues what so ever!

The setup took alittle time but the guide made it very easy to do and follow. The replys for stuff have been extremely good and always able to help with any issues.

The rotations themselves are incredible and have been able to deliver in both PvP and PvE, again the Devs are always willing to help with any issues and very fast to fix any issues.

I was extremely worried and reluctant at first however now I am so happy I took the leap and am able to once again enjoy wow to its fullest without fears for my account and all while pulling numbers I couldn't even in my prime lol.

Anyone thinking about using GGloader take the leap you won't regret it!!
USed GGLoader since 2 years now - amazing tool! - i would recommend to anyone who's interested.

great rotations / great support - making WOW fun again