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Genshin Impact Boosting
We can help you with your adventure rank, to order select your server and platform and enter your rank and desired rank for example 5 15 add it to cart and purchase it.
Our pricing is 1-10AR = 9$ 10-20 = 25$ 20-30 = 105$

Genshin Impact Farming
We can farm stuff for you for example chest farming, we can maintain your account by doing daily quests etc.
Our pricing is 0.25$ per chest, 5$ daily maintance.

If a ban occurs we will do a full refund or partial refund depending on the situation and you can purchase a share screen option for a 0 ban chance.
Our live chat is almost always online 24/7 if you require any assistance or support.
Payment methods are Paypal, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and some other local methods.