[WTS] GE Main Account / Low Dota MMR


Selling a Global Elite Main Account for Paypal.

The overall CS GO Stats look like this:

If you need Weapon Stats for each weapon, I can add the most used ones.

It has several Games played with some hours:

With overall over 5500 hours recorded.

Also it has some Paid games (overall 20 Products are activated):

The Inventory is filled with:

Adding to that it has a very low MMR in Dota 2. Last time it was played on that MMR was below 1000 rating.

Offer me here or via PN, even though I prefer here more. Offer me in € or $ on PP please. Other than that I can accept ETH. Unless you got WAY more Rep than me you will have to go first. I do deals on this board for years and never had a bad remark yet.

Thanks in advance and if you got questions left, feel free to contact me.
From the looks of it, you're great at CS but not very good at dota, hahaha
I have the opposite situation, I play dota perfectly, I even understand professional dota, I constantly watch matches and keep track of the schedule on https://tips.gg/team/og-dota2/ however, I am absolutely a noob in csgo , I have 4 stars and I can't go higher than this rank. Although I think that if I try and start playing constantly, I will achieve somewhere 2AK, I think this is a suitable title, because I can not reach bigstar, haha
I see quite interesting games in the library, given that you have played a lot of time in both dota and CSGO, and you have a lot of games, I can assume that you spend a huge amount of time at the computer!
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That's sick, man! But I don't actually support selling your global elite account since anyone can buy it, and it became useless to try getting to this level. Well, I see nothing wrong with selling csgo skins for cash, but I hate when you see a global elite and you have no idea whether he's good or he just have a lot of money.