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Thank you so much! Very good topic, man! I am a big fan of the Dota 2, but I'm still pretty bad in this game. Now I am looking for various textbooks that could help me improve my skills. I played at a very low rating and it was really terrible. I was saved when one of my friends recommended me a dota 2 account boost! These guys raised my rating very quickly and efficiently, and it's really cool. There are far fewer bad players at this rank, but now I really need to improve my skill.
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It seems like most of the links are broken...
like what?

You get something like this when you click on a link?


Its using wayback machine to search for link, which doesnt exsit within its DB. You need to copy link & paste into a notepad. Then C&P back into browser.

If you cant figure it out give me the link that your trying to get & I'll do it for you.
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