FREE External Undetected -=Xetal Engine=- CSGO ESP HACK - AIMBOT


Elder User
PM me for a free login for the loader

Usermode (non kernel) Undetected CSGO hack. Free

Hello there guys. Here is a free external hack for CSGO.

It has all the main features.

ESP (player, distance, health etc)
GLOW (player glow)
AIMBOT (FOV aimbot with smoothing)

BUGS -- Will fix it when I have time --
**(Note, some aimbot smoothing ranges will glitch and your cam will get stuck)

I also make UD rainbow six siege, pubg, ETF, and others. (kernel mode) -- non free, BTC only.

If you are interested just PM for a free account. Or you may crack the loader if you want, this one is barely protected.

Also, make sure your antivirus is off. You might get fake positives due to the packing method of the file.