[WTS] FACEIT/ESEA Private Cheat

CSGO Y by subwaymonkey
If you are a serious buyer I show the cheat on screen share working flawlessly on any anticheat.

[+] Latest Win10 build
[+] Second PC (For Webradar)
[+] Showing some sort of ID

This cheat bypasses every single mainstream anticheat (Including Faceit Client and ESEA), if you have a different anticheat in your region feel free to ask on the thread if it bypasses it and I will do some research and let you know.


[+] Aimbot
[+] Customizable FOV/smooth for Rifles, Pistols, AWPS, Scouts and Deagles
[+] Customizable RCS with changeable FOV (Field Of View)
[+] Customizable aim key
[+] Customizable hitbox (head, upper torso, torso)
[+] Customizable x,y recoil control
[+] Triggerbot (Works great on all anticheats apart from Faceit. It still works on Faceit but due to FACEIT Client restrictions it is made differently. It is still a large enhancement.)
[+] Sound ESP with hotkey option (Including when they're defusing the bomb)
[+] Web Radar (Requires second PC on the same network, can be any type of PC and the software uses very little resources)
[+] Hardware ID locked

Please note:
This cheat is an external cheat and it's built for legit play only. If you are looking for a cheat that will do everything for you, this is not the cheat.

Depending on your status in CSGO and how much attention you need from me will determine the price. This cheat is not cheap.

Please direct message me on D3Scene only.

Join Date on D3Scene: 2018-2019

Name of Hack(s)/Service(s): CSGO Y

Time Undetected: Since creation 1 year ago

Website: https://discord.gg/CK9VWs8utq

Compatible Games: CSGO

Terms of Service (a link is required or else your post will be deleted):

  • I only take crypto as payment
  • Minimum of 3 months​
Refund Policy: If you are banned within your first week of using my product you will get a full refund.

Vouches: Old d3scene account got deleted when the forums were purged but had vouches on old site for selling cheats.
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As a reputable member of this community, I would like to show you my cheat in action on Faceit Client. Do you have time sometime this week for me to show it to you?


This guy is definately a scammer. The only thing he has is screenshare that cheat works. But it is probably a video, he doesn't go for guaratee system with 0 rep, he doesn't give vouch. He tells that he had reputation on previous site d3 but Matt and others admins don't know a shit about him.
Stongly be aware of this weirdo
My response to this: This buyer ran me around like crazy for over 2 weeks in relation to buying my services. I spent 30 minutes of my time showing him the cheat fully working on two different PCs, his claim it was probably a video is just rediculous because I showed me actually playing the game. I am happy to show anyone the cheat working at any time. You can also check the way back machine on D3scene I have sold cheats on D3scene before and I have shown my abilities before. Expecting a trial version of a league cheat is just silly considering you could easily be an anti-cheat admin which could reverse engineer the cheat and get everyone banned. Its not fair on anyone to expect that.
Note: I had already told him to find another seller before he asked me to show him a second time.
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Depends on what status you are in the community, how much time I need to spend with you etc. But if money is an issue its probably not the cheat for you.
Im not into FPL or something just, ive just seen a lot of different prices some say 2k/year is expensiv other people say 100/month is expensiv thats why im asking
Im not into FPL or something just, ive just seen a lot of different prices some say 2k/year is expensiv other people say 100/month is expensiv thats why im asking
Anyone that says either of those things is wrong. I don't think anyone who sells Faceit Cheats sells it for 2k per year or they're probably scamming. The amount of up keep it takes to stay undetected on Faceit and ESEA is no joke hence why creators like Ekknod and sim0n have stopped creating this kind of software. It is easier to just sell other anticheats and leave out Faceit/ESEA. The only reason I am able to do this and spend the time on it is I play high level CSGO myself so I use this to make a living while playing full time.