Escape from Tarkov: A detailed guide to keys list in the factory maps


There are a large number of keys in the Escape from Tarkov game, and these keys have great functions and effects. Can help you collect better loot, such as equipment, drugs, weapons, Tarkov money, or other items. Collecting all the keys to acquire the very best loot obtainable is a daunting process. Fortunately, the spawn areas for most of the keys available in the game happen to be located, making it a bit easier to track down the exact essentials you'll need. This guide will list one of the Factory maps to seek out keys in Tarkov.


The Factory only has three keys, and two of these keys open precisely the same door. Essentially the most useful of the three could be the Factor Exit Essential The keys within this guide will be organized by which map they may be employed on, starting with all the maps with all the fewest keys needed. If you require finding a specific important and come about to know its name or location, you can use Ctrl+F to search using the web page.

Note that, unless otherwise stated, virtually every crucial inside the game is often identified in jackets, drawers, within the pockets and bags of Scav NPCs, in Shturman's stash on Woods, or within the marked circles found on some maps which can spawn virtually any item within the game. Most keys can also be found on the flea marketplace, but a number of the more helpful or a lot more popular ones can be insanely costly. You'll find several exceptions to this exactly where keys can only be discovered in particular places, on precise Scav bosses, or as quest rewards.

The Factory only has three keys, and two of these keys open precisely the same door. Essentially the most useful of the three could be the Factory Exit Essential.

Keys NameDescription
Factory Exit KeyThis essential can only be applied in 50 instances. It opens two extra extraction points in Factory and an optional space that can be used in the "Bad rep evidence" quest. It may also open the doors to the guard developing near the new gas station within the crane yard and the doors from the fuel tankers on Interchange.

This important can spawn in numerous locations on Customs. Inside the three-story dorms inside the guard office on the ground floor, it might be identified on a table next to the broken Tv, in a blue locker inside a building on the southeastern side of Customs just south on the smokestacks. The creating is close to the lootable blue van. Lastly, it may also be located on the ground after a concrete ring just west of the old gas station inside the southeastern end of the map. This importance may also be obtained as a reward for the "Spa Tour - Element 7" quest for Peacekeeper. You could also trade an applied version of this important together with an MRE and 4 Iskra lunch boxes to Jaeger at Level two to get a brand new one in particular.
Pump Station Door CrucialThis essential is named the "Door Key" in-game but is typically referred to as the Pump Station Key by players. This necessary open the pump station in the northern section of Factory near the boilers. This room is an optional place for the "Sanitary.
StandardsAspect 1" quest for Therapist. It can be a great place to farm bleach.
The essential can spawn on a bench inside the locker area around the second floor from the offices. The bar is within a remote location among the locker area, plus the adjoining bathroom.
Door Key (optionThis crucial will be the same as the essential above in function but opens a distinctive door just around the other side of your small pump station. This key does not possess a known in-game spawn point aside from jackets and the pockets and bags of Scavs.




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