[Download] Lottery Defense Bankhack (Updated 23.03.2021)


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what method did you use? The values keep resetting to 01 or 04 lives for some reason whenever I enter them in the program.

wow this is game breaking
i tested some overshooting values with the dev tool, but, if you go just 1 overboard, the whole rune is goin negative. so, you cant play with all this 99 :(
Very curious if this is able to edit the amount of SP you start the game with? I know there is XP/Rounds, but donators are able to receive more SP than just the calculation of XP to SP in game. Also would that be traceable?
Why does my SP reset every game I play?
Also, do I need to have this program up everytime i play?
you need to start a game, exit it, and get a save file to permanently stay in your bank folder, double check you don't have horrible anti virus settings on stopping the game from functioning


People really need to learn that you need a final or winner rune to have SP bonus on the rune lol, last 2 people the people on that discord have reported were noticed cause they put all stats on a rune that doesn't have all stats.


Apparently the in game cheat detection on lottery def doesn't work the whole game, I was playing on my legit account, opened 2nd window of sc2 to fk around on another map and accidentally attached to the wrong window with my cheats, and ended up with my artifact spamming the shit out of game till it lagged like shit, but it didn't kick me to a victory screen.


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JK, just sit tight, I'll try and get a video for you. Some of the posts that were on d3scene are gone so I think we just need to rebuild those threads to make things make sense again. I forgot about using MapScript+ and how to obtain a copy of a starcraft 2 map and just recently found out how to do it but it was on d3scene at the time before the website went down.

You'll need to just find out which handle belongs to your account in your starcraft 2 accounts folder directory. Usually located in your Documents folder. From there you'll find out your handle. After that, it's downhill from there by editing the numbers in the EXP field to your liking and click Write

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The blue markings in the right picture is your account number that belongs to that specific account and you'll need to select that particular handle.
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