[WTS] CS:GO Overwatch Bot [FREE OPEN BETA]


New member
Hello Dear Users!
We have been working on an automatic bot for doing cases for some time and we are doing it very efficiently!
Everything works on a virtual machine, we don't use your any resources. Most importantly, we don't store any your data for our and your safety!
You also cannot be banned for using the overwatch bot!
At the moment Bot is in beta and will be in it for some time to keep improving it.
Bot automatically solve overwatch cases on your account, uses a simple algorithm that detects whether the player is cheating/griefing
Bot is also free at the moment, due to the fact that we need people to test the stability of the bot.
To use bot is only needed account with access to case.
Of course, i'll soon let you know exactly how much bot access will cost.
You can find more information about bot on the discord server.
There is a link to the server for the first 25 people, enjoy!