Coming back to the arcade anybody got some tips to give?


i kinda paused SC for years, then went to the forum, downloaded a few thing(lost them uh uh), left and after a few month i had interest again, just to find the forum wiped, i used the wayback machine a bit, got some download[tutorial and all, but they mostly talk about watching for loophole and not dealing with meaty anticheatTM] and didn't find some other, had problem getting the SC2bank editor to work first question, how do i get the map already?is is it through the replay or through possibly renaming the bank file found but it seem the map is protected and it won't let's me, it throw an exception if i try to unprotect it[it is also encrypted]?additionally i cannot run it in the editor because it lack some custom dependencies, i heard it was possible to get map from replay?i don't remember if i did it once(i kinda remember an orangeblue mecha moba game) but i kinda deleted a lot of stuff and don't remember.I also got my hand on some kind of updated Starbank editor that is possibly greater at unprotecting and decrypting(?)[there is also a tool from sterilium that can decrypt multiple map beyond lottery- i got no idea how to use it-), but it only come with two file and i kinda don't know what to do with it, there no exe or whatever, just a dll and json..(and i am not very much into coding and such) also i will tell you the map if you insist, but i never know if the author stalking the forum or not[to be fair it haven't been updated in years].
Thanks you for any help, and tolerating my clueless newbie questions.
edit: so i have been looking to find the encryption key
lv_level = MaxI(MinI(gf_DecryptInteger(BankValueGetAsString(gv_playerBank[lp_player], "Player", "LVL"), lv_hashed), 800), 1);
if ((PlayerHandle(lp_player) == "")) {
lv_securityString1 = lib1_gf_StarcodeDecryptString(lv_tempString1, "1-S2-1-2131690");
1-S2-1-2131690 is the encryption/decryption keys?or i am wrong
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I'm in the same boat as you with different issues, but 1-S2-1-2131690 would be your account linked to the map, not the encryption.