Cold War Modded Zombie Lobby

$10 Round 50 $15 for 1 hour buy 2 get 1 Free $30 for pink diamond (all guns in that class gold), $150 for full Darkaether,
Bring a friend add $5 more, bring a friend dark Aether $200
Dead ops Arcade
Get round 64+ and kill Mamaback without dying to get a secret calling card!
Get the secret calling card for getting round 100 on zombies!

Dark Ops master
All 11 secret dark ops achievements for the calling card in zombies mode, including ones needed in dead ops arcade

Join the discord after purchase:
Discord IBuyEverything#7452 If you want to Private message me

Instant Invite, Payment First, Cashapp $CMoneyChrisCMC ,Zelle
Permanent Insta Kill
- ALL zombies teleport to hosts Crosshairs
- X20 in game speed to Maximise killing speed
- God Mode
- unlimited Ammo
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