[WTS] Cheap DayZ Duping Service! - ANY SERVER*


I am able to dupe any gear on any server of your choice, community/modded or official, safezones or no safezones, traders or no traders, it doesn't matter. (PC ONLY)

Preferable to do it during server off-peak hours due to huge queues, however if you are happy to wait a long while then it's fine.

Depending on what and how much you want duped, price will range between $10-20usd, most often the lower end of that range.
Also offering extended service deals per server or all servers (Such as per major patch).

Accepting Payments in either: PayPal, BTC or ETH.
Turnaround time: less than 24hours.

Before anyone may ask when adding me, no I am NOT selling the method and that's final.
*Some ping limited or whitelisted servers will be an issue, but almost all should be fine.

Contact Information: Discord: Hecklezz#4264
Join Date on D3Scene: Today (However I have old and reputable accounts on another cheating forum under the same alias)
Name of Hack(s)/Service(s): DayZ Gear Duping
Time Undetected: N/A
Website: N/A
Compatible Games: DayZ Standalone
Terms of Service: https://d3scene.com/forum/index.php?help/terms/
Refund Policy: If the gear has been successfully duped and delivered, there is NO refund due to you dying or losing the gear from any in-game means. However, if you have paid and the service cannot be fulfilled due to ping limits on servers or other similar reasons, then a full refund is provided (shouldn't be required as I check if a server is viable before payment).
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