[WTB] Buying Private Fortnite Cheat

Looking to buy a Private Fortnite Cheat must include Aim/Esp I do not care about anything else, Must be Undetected (Months of playtime on Same account W/O issues.

If you qualify for the features I listed above and have a private cheat that you do not mind selling some slots or selling me a way into then contact me on discord which I will list below

Prepare to be heavily vetted before me sending any payments over, I am not retarded and will not fall for your braindead scams including you showcasing another cheat that is public, Or you just trying to get me to send money for a cheat that does not even exist, LIVE DEMO REQUIRED (Screen sharing the cheat to me in live gameplay showcasing that the cheat is real/authentic/And Undetected Budget = 250.00 USD Monthly

If you are liable to do the above then Contact me directly on discord so we can discuss! Thanks! Discord: FiftySevens#4222