arcade (old) map crack post not very relevant



So I changed and stopped doing cracks so yeah
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the methods are easy, get the mapscript, recalculate values (editor or IDE), done.

1). You need to buy a software to do this?? wtf? XD
2). You need login datas?

You can just ask for the Handle if u need it to calculate the bankfile...

Seems your "method" isn't very good.

It can be done with using MPQ Editor (or you use StarBank to get the MapScript), BankSigner and 'input any IDE here'
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Okay I didn't explain myself well.
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try it to do it with just the handle instead of login datas mate, its easy.
trust me, im doin this for years.
Example: look my lottery defence hack on this forum.
There's a map called Mineralz Evolution 2 and if you try using someone else's handle for that map try to re-sign the handle it won't work and resets the handle back to level 0.

This first time I tried this was trying to get in a lobby with someone who I know has a really high level and extracting the bank signatures using ( and resigning it to make it my own. It seems to fail for whatever account I use.

This could be because the author is using a specified bank encryption system like aes-256 where the private key is in the map's code, while the public key (I don't know what it is but it could be the handle, or the handle + (secret key generated from the map) is something totally different.


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Well thats mainly for theses cases that I need creditentials. But first as Sterillium said, I will try using tools or workarounds
Or I need an handle spoofer but theses are so rare idk how you get one


u can decode it very easily with my decrypt code up there :p
i just looked up, this guy took this encryption from a javascript and converted it into galaxy :D
Wait aren't you missing this? or is the lv_password irrelevant?

void gf_AESTest (trigger t) {
    // Variable Declarations
    string lv_input;
    string lv_password;
    string lv_output;
    int lv_a;
    int lv_b;

    // Automatic Variable Declarations
    // Variable Initialization
    lv_input = "";
    lv_password = "";
    lv_output = "";

    // Implementation
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, StringExternal("Param/Value/F144A1B5"));
    lv_a = KRYPTCODE_AES_allocate();
    lv_output =KRYPTCODE_AES_getOriData(lv_a);
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, StringToText(lv_output));
    lv_input = "50";
    lv_password = "[email protected][email protected]@v1$D";
    lv_output = gf_KryptCodeEncryptString(lv_input, lv_password);
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, StringExternal("Param/Value/3B25E8D6"));
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, (StringExternal("Param/Value/B3B0A865") + StringToText(lv_input)));
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, (StringExternal("Param/Value/6D665235") + StringToText(lv_output)));
    lv_output = gf_KyptCodeDecryptString(lv_output, lv_password);
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, (StringExternal("Param/Value/097659FE") + StringToText(lv_output)));
    UIDisplayMessage(PlayerGroupAll(), c_messageAreaChat, StringExternal("Param/Value/9DB079BB"));


this is relevant yes, but not relevant to my decryption script.
u just use the other stuff in the code to feed the decrypt script :)

i just gave you just the decryption tool, how u feed it, u find in the mapscript, put them together and voilà

he hasnt even hidden the encryption and the passwords, bad. lol

as a said, very simple to recalculate.


idk why ppl use such things, theres 1 word in the GalaxyEditor that calculate things wrong, its not OpenSource as the MapScript is.
If you just Protect with this 1 word, its much harder than this 1000 Line OpenSource Encoding.
But, they arent Professionals, low experience... haha
All work for nothing.

I wonder when the first guy finds the inbuilt-wrongcalculating thing in the Editor.
From my side, this is the best Encryption you can get rofl.
Bcause u wont find the code to it, how its wrong calculating.


I don't really trust this. Cracking is bad already. Imagine working hard a couple of years with a huge team of people in order to create something beautiful and someone comes to crack it for a small amount of money. It's not that fun. I would recommend you to try other methods of making money. Going from website to website, I've found about and it's much better than cracking games. You should give it a try. Nobody says no to making more money, right?
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Thanks! It's a good idea, I think. I've noticed that hacked games and apps are now much more popular due to the lack of the ability to buy additional features. People now have much less money than before(I mean, before the quarantine). Everyone chooses hacking for a small amount of money, so as not to pay huge amounts for a VIP subscription. I used to do this for a living, too, until I decided to try platforms for selling things. I started buying old things for a very small price and selling them for 30-40% more expensive.
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