Supported version of the game : Origin
Supported game mode : Windowed
Supported anti-cheats: the EAC
Supported the CPU: the All
Supported invisibility on video or screenshots: Yes


Enemy Box / Display 2D squares around opponents
Head Circle / Display circle on the head of the players
Enemy Health / Health Show opponents
Enemy Armor / Display the number of opponents armor
Enemy Lines / Draw lines to opponents
Enemy Distance / Display the distance to the opponents
Enemy Knocked Check / Display opponents who noknutyh
Crosshair / Display crosshairs
ESP Text Size / Ability to change text size
Max Distance / Possibility to change the display range of player

Loot ESP (quick enable or disable the F4) / display loot Enable (Fast enabling or disabling at F4)
Weapon / weapon Display
Ammo / Display bullets
Grenades / Display grenades
Healting Items / Display items for treatment
Scopes / Display sights for weapons
Modules / Display Modules for weapons
Armor / Armor Display
Helmet / Helmets Display
Knockdowns / Display shields for protection when you noknut
Backpack / Backpacks Display
Hop Ups / Capsules with loot
Key The Vault / Display keys for storage
Cargo Robot / Robot Truck Show
Loot Text Size / Ability to change text size
Max Distance / Possibility to change the display range of loot

Radar / Radar Display
Player / Display on the radar players
Healting / Display objects on the radar for health
Weapon / Display on the radar gun
Ammo / Display on the radar cartridges
Grenades / Display on the radar grenade
Different settings on the radar / Various settings on the radar

Menu the "F6" or "Home" key
Panic key for all cheat "DEL " key


Enable to display those who are watching you
Positions / Change Position

Enable / Enable the ability to change skins
Skin / Change skin type
Animation Skin / Change skin animation

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