NOW HIRING: D3Scene Section Moderators

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Okay, I'm kidding, we can't pay you, but think of the clout.

We're looking for active Moderators to help boost D3Scene back to what it was before the database broke. I will be posting an application shortly that will outline the requirements of the position. Once again, we prefer individuals that are not selling hacks/cheats to avoid any unnecessary conflict/drama.

If you are interested, please fill out the form when it's up (I'll edit this post and bump the thread when it's done). As always, do not contact admins directly as we will delete your application and laugh at you. A lot.

Hey All!

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Been a while, I know.

Fear not for I am going to start up some newsletters again and try and get us all active a bit.
Hope everyone is doing great!

For now though, all those that post or advertise services, cheats, or selling cheats, please read on.

From now on, posts not following the template rule that we've been waaaay to Lax on, will be removed when noticed.
Also, If you have like, 20 different services that are basically the same thing, but different games. Condense. Stop spamming the forum.
You have until Feb 14th to either change to the required format, or merge your posts. If not, the big red Cupid is gonna shoot delete arrows at your threads, than refer you to this post.

Refer to this thread here : Advertising

Merry Christmas!

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It's that time of the year again! We hope that your year has been relatively safe so far, with all that crazy going on. No matter what part of the world you hail from, your views and beliefs, your opinions and what kind of toppings you like on your pizza, We still love you. This world is an ever changing place.


The one thing that doesn't really change is the sense of happiness and joy the holidays bring. I remember back when I joined D3scene. I haven't even been around as long as some other members, but there is one thing that always sticks with me. The feeling of home this place gives. I will forever have a soft spot in here for all of you. I have a memory of almost every section here and associate it to a member. Whether it's general chat with JustPoisen until he left us. Or when Tarzan would be a super troll until that got crazy. The WoW section back when Zacro would create private servers and try to get all the D3scene members to play on. Warcraft 3 and the marketplace...

Ban bounty hunter program!

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Hey there! Seeing that we have redone EVERYTHING including the user logs, we have a new program to offer.

It's called Bounty hunting. If you see someone who you KNOW was banned for a SERIOUS offense on the old forums, report them to us! You'll receive some Rep (Or equivalent. Not really sure, I think it's points now) and an AWESOME new tag stating that you are a bounty hunter!

Those peeps better watch out for you! Not only that, you'll also receive a nice crisp clean E-high five!

To report them, just DM and admin with their username! If it checks out, POOF! New title and some sweet sweet rep(points)!

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection free 2 claim

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Good chance to pick up borderlands if you don't already own it! Or own it on a second platform, what a boss.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection free 2 claim

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Good chance to pick up borderlands if you don't already own it! Or own it on a second platform, what a boss.

Sid Meier's Civ VI free on epic games right now

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